How to get rid of man boobs, pot bellies and excess midriffs

It feels like men, more so than ever, are dieting, exercising and trying to lose weight. No different to women (in this respect) most are painfully aware that it comes down to 3 basic principles – genetics, the number of calories consumed (or more accurately the amount and type of food ingested) and the energy expended by getting into shape. They say we can’t choose our parents but apparently through healthy eating and regular exercise we can control our sizes, weight and shape! Read more on how to get rid of man boobs, pot bellies and excess midriffs here.

Toxic beauty products and cosmetics: What we’re not told

Ask any women whether they love their beauty products and cosmetics and you’d be hard pushed to find one that doesn’t. It’s a love affair that’s been going on for centuries. There’s nothing quite like a new lipstick or a dab of perfume to make us look, smell and feel good. Or so we thought. According to research, however, most of our beauty products contain cocktails of industrially produced, dangerous chemicals that damage our health. Many market themselves on anti-ageing too but in many cases, due to the toxins contained, they are actually causing us to age faster and our health to deteriorate. Read more on toxic beauty products and cosmetics here.

Vitamins for vitality

Can there really be such a thing as eating well and vitamins for vitality – honestly? During the summer months it’s easy to eat crisp, nutritious salads, snack on fruit and drink loads of water – the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures are warm. However, once the sky turns grey and the temperatures drop our natural reaction is to comfort eat  – stodgy puddings, chips, pies and chocolate all rule! As if that’s not bad enough, instead of getting out into the fresh air, most of us find it far easier (and more enjoyable) to curl up on the sofa with a good bottle of wine. So how can we break this cycle; we all know it’s not good for our health? Read more on eating well and vitamins for vitality.

Say goodbye to stress and stop ageing prematurely

Everyone knows how harmful stress; anxiety and tension are to our health. Besides just making us feel drained, stress can lead to all kinds of illness. But, did you know that stress is a major problem for our skin? Stress can speed up the production of wrinkles, cause acne to flare up and aggravate skin rash problems. Lovely! Now given the choice, wouldn’t we all prefer to look like the model here as oppose to ageing prematurely?! Well the good news is that we can certainly try to! Read the full article by clicking the link here. By following the advice contained in this article all of us have that opportunity.


Can perfume and fragrance really make you fat, alter your mood, cause asmtha?

When I was a little girl, I didn’t care about safe perfume and fragrance products – I made perfume from rose petals and water. It didn’t smell that brilliant, but it didn’t smell that bad either. But, one thing was certain – it was safe. Then I grew up and discovered the expensive (fashion house) brands, which smelt lovely! I’ve always liked the smell of perfume, and I’ve always felt rather glamourous wearing it. However, what I’ve discovered recently is that perfume and fragrance are made from dangerous, toxic chemicals.  Read more on the health risks of perfume and fragrance.