How to evaluate product for your skin type and maximizing the anti-ageing effects

Evaluating product for your skin type

How to evaluate product for healthy, young looking skinBefore reading this blog on How to Evaluate Product for your Skin Type and Maximizing the Anti-Ageing Effects or purchasing any product read my rules on How to Choose the Right Products for your Skin.

After deciding on what products you’ll be using you’ll start your evaluation process. During this trial-and-error process, you’ll use your selected products. Some people recommend introducing them to your skin one-at-a-time whilst others say that if you are using a skin care system (with multiple products) that you must use them exclusively. I’d recommend using a system altogether.

As a rule your products need time to work especially if you have problem skin. Smothering your face with anti-ageing cream to target wrinkles will not mean that they are all gone by the next morning!

You need to use products for a duration of time because your skin needs time to renew itself. That means on average it takes approximately 28 days for the skin cells at the bottom of your skin to reach the surface of your skin. During this process, skin cells at the top of your skin die and shed off. Teenagers and young children shed their skin faster and renew their skin in about 14-20 days. As you age though, you shed your skin slower, so someone in their 50s might renew their skin in 40 days instead of the average 28 days.

Using products in your skin care routine for that duration of time allows your “normal” skin and “renewed” skin to adjust to the new product. Also, some skin care products help shed your skin faster, bringing the toxins inside your skin (i.e. clogs) to the surface. This sometimes makes things look worse before they get better, so you want to make sure you stick with a product for long enough to figure out if you’re actually making things better or if the product is really just breaking you out.

It is a hard process especially if you suffer from problem skin but keep going for a period of time to see how you like them. If, after that period of time, you decide you don’t like them and the product keeps giving you break outs or it doesn’t feel good on your skin, then try a new product and keep on going until you find your holy grail. Unfortunately, all skin care routines require this trial-and-error process.

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