Vitamins for vitality

Eating well all year round and vitamins for vitality

Can there really be such a thing as vitamins for vitality – honestly? During the summer months it’s easy to eat crisp, nutritious salads, snack on fruit and drink loads of water – the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures are warm. However, once the sky turns grey and the temperatures drop our natural reaction is to comfort eat  – stodgy puddings, chips, pies and chocolate all rule! As if that’s not bad enough, instead of getting out into the fresh air, most of us find it far easier (and more enjoyable) to curl up on the sofa with a good bottle of wine. So how can we break this cycle; we all know it’s not good for our health?

The answer is not only in being disciplined with ourselves but educated in what to eat. The key is by increasing our vitamin and nutrient intake. Green leafy vegetables that contain essential nutrients, rice, potatoes, pumpkin, baked beans and wholemeal bread are just a few examples of hearty foods that are good for you and rich in vitamins. Hearty stews and soups are easy to make and are stocked with lots of vegetables. If you can’t get fresh vegetables, don’t worry as often fast-frozen vegetables have a higher vitamin content than their ‘fresh’ counterparts. Freezing keeps the vitamins locked into the vegetables, whereas food that’s been stacked in a cardboard box or sitting in a cupboard has been losing its vitamin content day-by- day.

One of the most important vitamins during the winter months is Vitamin D. Whilst we get most of our vitamins from our food and drink much of our supply of vitamin D comes from our exposure to sunlight. During winter, not only do we see less sunshine in the UK but also when we do venture out, our skin is covered up because of the low temperatures so we can’t absorb it. To counter this make sure you are getting enough vitamin D in your food. Good sources include dairy products, oily fish such as salmon or sardines, margarine and eggs. You  may also want to take a multivitam and immunity booster. Check out my ‘Top Tips on How to Boost your Immunity System”

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